Proper lighting can add incredible atmosphere to your event.  The comments that we hear are along the lines of "Wow - the lighting really makes it pop!" "It looks like a fairy land"  "Amazing". 

We use a combination of LED up-lighting and pin spotlights to create a wonderful ambiance for parties.  

The available colors range the full gamut achieved by mixing red, green, and blue (RGB) plus amber, ultraviolet, and white. ​We have a total of 25 ADJ Hex IP battery operated LED up-lights and 16 ADJ Mega Hex Par wired LED up-lights. 4 white LED pin spots and 4 blue LED pin spots.

We offer a stand-alone lighting package where we will consult with you with respect to where and how to light up your event, set up the lights, and then take the lights down after the event. Cost is $575 within our service area.

Also, we rent lights - $15 per light for a weekend. Delivery and pickup in our service area included.


Lighting Creates Magical Ambience

Thousand Oaks DJ Company